Autocratic Elections: Decoding Modern Authoritarianism

The book delves into the intricate world of autocratic regimes, shedding light on the complexities

14 Min Read

Why Nationalism: Politics, Rights, and Identity

Yael Tamir's “Why Nationalism” presents an exploration into the intricate relationship between nationalism and liberalism.

5 Min Read

From Play to Politics: Gaming’s Uncharted Social Realms

Video games, as with all media, reflect and shape our society. Recognizing their role in

8 Min Read

Religious Diversity: The Urgency for a Post-Secular Shift

Embracing a post-secular paradigm is not just necessary but urgent for managing religious diversity in modern liberal democracies.

P&RR By P&RR 12 Min Read
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The New Man: Redefining Humanity in Communist Albania

Albania's transformation under communism through the 'New Man' concept reveals a radical reshaping of both individual identity and societal norms.

12 Min Read

Expression and Equity: University Dynamics in Canada

In Canadian universities, 'Expression and Equity' are not just concepts, but the pillars shaping a future of inclusive dialogue and

16 Min Read

Development as a Human Right: A Democratic Imperative

The concept of human rights is continually evolving. One of the most profound shifts in this landscape is the recognition

5 Min Read

Internet Politics: A Digital Era Overview

Internet politics history merges with digital transformation, challenging traditional governance structures and sparking new dialogues in global policy-making.

14 Min Read

Gender Equality in AI Governance

The Collision of Ideologies Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our daily lives, revolutionizing sectors like healthcare,

11 Min Read

Human Rights in ‘Money Heist’: A Reality Check

The Spanish series "Money Heist" ("La Casa de Papel") achieves more than just keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. It serves as a nuanced lens to examine crucial

P&RR By P&RR 12 Min Read

The Dangerous Reelection of the ‘Coolest Dictator’

Facing a choice between safety and human rights, El Salvador opts for an anti-establishment leader who reduces crime but compromises democratic values.

11 Min Read
War Narratives: The Bedrock of Albania’s Totalitarian Past

Understanding Albania's political and social landscape between 1944 and 1991 involves a

16 Min Read

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From Vandalism to Voice: The Revolutionary Power of Urban Murals

The transformation of street art from an act of rebellion to a legitimate form of

10 Min Read

Feminist Artificial Intelligence: A New Era

In the realm of Feminist Artificial Intelligence, a dynamic fusion of technology and gender studies

10 Min Read

AI in Political Advertising: Innovative Strategies

While AI offers groundbreaking possibilities for political advertising, it also introduces a host of ethical

7 Min Read

Urban Precarity: Art’s Political Lens

Artistic portrayals of marginalized cityscapes challenge perceptions, reshaping the global understanding of urban precarity.

By P&RR 15 Min Read

AI Bias: Navigating Ethics and Policy in Digital Age

Exploring the critical intersection of advanced technology and societal prejudices, AI Bias reshapes our understanding and future of ethical AI policy.

By P&RR 11 Min Read

Christian Heritage: Shaping Europe’s Populist Discourse

In a Europe at the crossroads, populist movements champion Christian heritage, crafting a narrative that prioritizes cultural legacy over the principles of universalism and inclusivity.

By P&RR 8 Min Read

Populist Localism: Europe’s New Political Wave

Populist localism silently molds Western Europe's political landscape, navigating the tension between local identity and democratic principles.

By P&RR 10 Min Read

Libertarian Ethics: A New Dawn for Animal Rights

Reexamining animal rights through a libertarian lens, this article unveils a novel ethical framework, balancing individual liberty with animal welfare.

By P&RR 16 Min Read

Public Scrutiny and Conformity in Communist Albania

Amidst the shadows of Albania's communist past, public scrutiny and conformity emerge as potent forces, leaving an enduring legacy of surveillance, fear, and the struggle for freedom.

By Doan Dani 12 Min Read



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