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The Hidden Fragility of Authoritarian Regimes

By Karel J. Leyva 13 Min Read

In recent years, the study of political systems has seen a marked emphasis on the resilience and vulnerabilities of democratic regimes. A wave of populist, nativist, and far-right movements gaining

From Vandalism to Voice: The Revolutionary Power of Urban Murals

The transformation of street art from an act of rebellion to a legitimate form of political expression has been seismic.

By P&RR 10 Min Read

Price Tag on Love: Zimbabwe’s Silent Inequity

In a society striving for gender equality, Zimbabwe's bride price laws reveal a hidden layer of systemic discrimination against women.

13 Min Read
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Confronting Modern Slavery: Global Challenge and Action

Modern slavery's persistence mirrors deep global disparities, questioning our commitment to justice

19 Min Read
Politically Speaking Art in Albania: Echoes of Dissent and Duality

Politically speaking art in Albania navigates the intricate landscape of state propaganda

13 Min Read
Revisiting Plato: A Modern Take on Interspecies Dialogues

By learning from Plato and engaging with modern thinkers like Rancière and

19 Min Read
Populist Localism: Europe’s New Political Wave

Populist localism silently molds Western Europe's political landscape, navigating the tension between

10 Min Read
Crimes in the Name of Profit: Unveiling Activists’ Struggles

To address this crisis effectively, it is imperative that nations, organizations, and

15 Min Read
Contemporary Challenges in Academic Freedom

Navigating the complex landscape of academic freedom has never been more challenging.

12 Min Read

Free Speech vs Faith: The ECtHR’s Controversial Ruling

The recent European Court of Human Rights ruling on an Austrian woman's controversial comments has set the stage for a critical debate. It challenges us to reconsider how far the

By P&RR 11 Min Read
AI’s Impact: A Threat or Boon for Free Speech?
11 Min Read

AI's impact on freedom of expression is the invisible hand shaping our online interactions, a transformative force that balances on

Rethinking the Violence-Nonviolence Binary in Climate
11 Min Read

In the urgent quest to combat climate change, must we choose between violence and nonviolence? This article argues for a

Cuban Mercenaries in Ukraine: A Hidden Ethical Quagmire
10 Min Read

In the Ukraine war's ethical maze, a hidden crisis emerges: Cuban mercenaries fighting for Russia. This raises urgent ethical and

Redefining Professionalism: A Historical and Sociopolitical Exploration
22 Min Read

Faitini's book Shaping the Profession unveils the rich history and multidimensional moral, legal, and socio-economic facets of professionalism, inviting a


Dynamics and Challenges of Multinational Federalism

The Legitimacy Clash is the final installment of a trilogy that began

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Automation’s Tug: Labor Policies & Ethics in a Digital Era

The allure of technological advancements, with their promise of efficiency and innovation, often contrasts with the very human concerns of

By P&RR 12 Min Read

Exploring Speech Boundaries: A Modern Quest

In a world where words wield power, understanding the boundaries of speech is more crucial than ever.

By P&RR 14 Min Read

Cuban Mercenaries in Ukraine: A Hidden Ethical Quagmire

In the Ukraine war's ethical maze, a hidden crisis emerges: Cuban mercenaries fighting for Russia. This raises urgent ethical and

By Karel J. Leyva 10 Min Read

AI Governance: Ethical & Democratic Imperatives

AI's rapid development sparks urgent ethical and democratic debates across diverse sectors.

By P&RR 13 Min Read

Autocratic Elections: Decoding Modern Authoritarianism

The book delves into the intricate world of autocratic regimes, shedding light on the complexities of electoral manipulation, economic maneuvering, and political stability in contemporary dictatorships.

By Masaaki Higashijima 14 Min Read