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Unpacking ‘Hate’: The New Face of Far-Right

“Hate in the Homeland” is a seminal work that offers a new lens through which to view the rise of far-right extremism. It is an…

Karel J. Leyva By Karel J. Leyva 6 Min Read


Public Scrutiny and Conformity in Communist Albania

Amidst the shadows of Albania's communist past, public scrutiny and conformity emerge as potent forces, leaving an enduring legacy of…

Doan Dani By Doan Dani

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Politics & Pop Culture: The Revolutionary Dance of Influence

This synergy between politics and pop culture is reshaping our…

By P&RR 9 Min Read

Populist Localism: Europe’s New Political Wave

Populist localism silently molds Western Europe's political landscape, navigating the…

By P&RR 10 Min Read

Human Rights and the Right to a Healthy Environment

The fight for an autonomous right to a healthy environment…

By P&RR 12 Min Read

The Hidden Fragility of Authoritarian Regimes

Unpacking the complexities of authoritarian regimes reveals inherent vulnerabilities, shaped…

By Karel J. Leyva 13 Min Read