Mobilizing Knowledge: An Interdisciplinary Review Connecting Academia and Society

Politics and Rights Review, based in Ottawa, Canada, connects academic knowledge with society, synthesizing clarity and rigor in a way that appeals to both academic and non-academic audiences.

Unwavering Commitment to Knowledge Mobilization: Politics and Rights Review is devoted to transcending traditional academic confines, ensuring that scholarly analyses are not only insightful but also resonate with diverse audiences. This commitment to knowledge mobilization is pivotal in fostering informed societal discourse and decision-making.

An Interdisciplinary and Intergenerational Nexus: The journal thrives on the diversity of thoughts and perspectives, uniting emerging voices with established scholars from various disciplines. This rich intellectual tapestry is instrumental in nurturing innovative ideas and comprehensive analyses that address complex global challenges.

Trilingual Publication for Enhanced Global Engagement: Politics and Rights Review, published in English, French, and Spanish, champions linguistic diversity in academic discourse. This trilingual approach is not merely about wider dissemination; it’s a commitment to embracing and integrating a multitude of cultural and intellectual perspectives. By providing a platform for scholars and intellectuals across these linguistic spheres, the journal ensures that diverse voices are not just heard but are integral to the fabric of the global intellectual community. This initiative breaks down linguistic barriers, fostering a more inclusive and equitable exchange of ideas and making significant strides towards a truly global conversation in the realms of politics and rights.

Advancing Academic Reach with Ethical Procedures: Politics and Rights Review goes beyond merely publishing original scholarly works; we are leading the way in making complex academic literature accessible to a wider audience. Our innovative approach involves adapting academic articles under CC BY licenses using advanced language technologies. This process transforms these articles into clear, precise, and engaging versions, authentically reflecting the original authors’ work and insights. Central to our methodology is a steadfast commitment to academic and ethical integrity. For adaptations that bear the authors’ signatures, we ensure a meticulous process of review and modification in close collaboration with them. These versions are not only thoroughly refined but also carry the explicit endorsement, approval, and signature of the authors themselves, highlighting our adherence to ethical standards in every aspect of our publication process.

Core Values of Sustainability, Reliability, and Social Justice: Politics and Rights Review firmly stands on the principles of sustainability, reliability, transparency, and academic rigor. These values are woven into the fabric of our publication, shaping the way we approach content, engage with contributors, and interact with our readers.

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Karel J. Leyva 41 Articles
Ph.D. in Philosophy (Université Paris Sciences et Lettres). Associate Researcher at the University of Montreal, specializing in political theory and pluralism. Editor-in-Chief of Politics and Rights Review.