Peace Advocacy: Human Rights and Violence in Colombia

The path to a peace worth its name, in Colombia and elsewhere, requires the steadfast efforts and…

By F. Richard Georgi 22 Min Read

Speech, Dignity and Offense: A Critical Examination

Balancing free speech and human dignity demands a nuanced approach that cherishes open dialogue while guarding against deeply offensive expressions.

Raphael Cohen-Almagor By Raphael Cohen-Almagor 9 Min Read

Challenging Disinformation: Securing Expression’s Future

In the battle against disinformation, achieving a balance between restricting…

7 Min Read

Agents Provocateurs: Eroding Democracy & Free Speech

In the core of liberal democracies, agents provocateurs stealthily infiltrate…

13 Min Read

Exploring Speech Boundaries: A Modern Quest

In a world where words wield power, understanding the boundaries…

14 Min Read

Intellectual Freedom: The Power of Books Against Censorship

Championing intellectual freedom, literature stands as a defiant bulwark against…

13 Min Read

Human Rights and Individual Autonomy: A Philosophical Inquiry

Human rights, rooted in the inherent dignity of each individual, demand a globally educated and active commitment to turn universal principles into concrete realities.

Erika Serfontein By Erika Serfontein 14 Min Read

Citizenship, Justice, Well-Being: Japan’s Insight

Grounded in communitarian philosophy, the interrelation of citizenship, justice, and…

13 Min Read

Polarization in the Digital Age: Democracy at a Crossroads

As digital platforms and political leaders amplify divisions, the erosion…

16 Min Read

Right-Wing Momentum: Canada’s New Challenge

Canada grapples with a rising tide of right-wing extremism, anchored…

7 Min Read

Citizenship, Justice, Well-Being: Japan’s Insight

Grounded in communitarian philosophy, the interrelation of citizenship, justice, and well-being significantly enhances social cohesion and individual well-being in Japan.

Masaya Kobayashi By Masaya Kobayashi 13 Min Read

Eros and Emperor: Mishima Yukio’s Homoerotic Nationalism

Through the lens of 'homoerotic nationalism,' Mishima Yukio intricately maps the terrain where personal desires and political ideologies converge, challenging us to reconsider the boundaries of identity and allegiance in post-war Japan.

Kazuyoshi Kawasaka By Kazuyoshi Kawasaka 16 Min Read

White Christian Nationalism’s Threat to American Democracy

The growing influence of white Christian nationalism, its impact on political decisions, and its role in shaping the political landscape of the United States have garnered significant academic interest in recent decades. In The Flag and the Cross: White Christian…

Just, Reasonable Multiculturalism Theory: A Liberal Perspective

Fostering harmony between cultural diversity and democratic values enhances social cohesion and promotes mutual respect…

Raphael Cohen-Almagor By Raphael Cohen-Almagor 16 Min Read

Autocratic Elections: Decoding Modern Authoritarianism

The book delves into the intricate world of autocratic regimes, shedding light on the complexities…

Masaaki Higashijima By Masaaki Higashijima 14 Min Read

Christian Globalism: Bridging Distant Ties

Christian Globalism at Home: Child Sponsorship in the United States (Princeton, 2020) reveals how U.S.…

Hillary Kaell By Hillary Kaell 11 Min Read

Redefining Professionalism: A Historical and Sociopolitical Exploration

Faitini's book Shaping the Profession unveils the rich history and multidimensional moral, legal, and socio-economic…

Unlocking Justice: Evolve Law for a Superdiverse World

In an era of unprecedented diversity, the need for adaptable constitutional law has never been more critical; this article delves…

10 Min Read

Ecospirituality: Bridging Science and Spirituality

Ecospirituality represents a significant convergence of environmentalism and spirituality, revealing a profound amalgamation of ecological awareness with personal spiritual quests.

13 Min Read

Satanism and Political Activism: The Complex Nexus

Modern Satanism intertwines with political activism to challenge societal and religious norms, advocating for individual freedoms and catalyzing change in…

15 Min Read

Secular Balance in Multicultural India

Secular balance stands at the heart of India’s democracy, weaving together the vibrant threads of free speech and religious diversity.

12 Min Read

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Ph.D., Harvard University. Associate Professor of Anthropology and Religion at McGill University, Canada, holding the William Dawson Chair. She edited 'Everyday Sacred: Religion in Contemporary Quebec' (2017) and authored 'Christian Globalism at…
Full Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Trento, Italy, specializing in political theology and the works of Carl Schmitt. Former President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.
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Ph.D., Harvard University. Lecturer in the Department of Government at Harvard University, her research focuses on political behavior, employing experiments to explore voter reactions to political emphasis on meat consumption, animal rights,…

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Slave Narratives: Shaping American Literature and Identity

Slave narratives, weaving resilience and resistance into the fabric of American identity, illuminate the path from bondage to collective liberation.

11 Min Read

Public Scrutiny and Conformity in Communist Albania

Amidst the shadows of Albania's communist past, public scrutiny and conformity emerge as potent forces, leaving an enduring legacy of…

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British Anti-Fascist Movements: A Retrospect

Anti-fascist movements in Britain reshaped political landscapes, intertwining the fight against fascism with enduring struggles for racial equality.

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20th-Century Revolutions: Dynamics & Legacy

Exploring the transformative power and enduring impact of 20th-century revolutions on global society and politics.

9 Min Read

Linguistic Diversity in Italy’s Alps: A Socio-Political Analysis

Linguistic diversity in Italy's Alps emerges as a vital force in socio-political discourse, weaving a rich cultural tapestry that challenges…

14 Min Read

Sacred Violence: Military AI in the Israel-Palestine War

AI's role in the Israel-Palestine conflict blurs ethical lines, challenging the principles of international humanitarian law.

Chris Hables Gray By Chris Hables Gray 17 Min Read

Digital Dilemmas: Ethical AI in a Globalized World

The deployment of Artificial Intelligence in addressing global challenges marks a defining moment in technological…

8 Min Read

AI Bias: Navigating Ethics and Policy in Digital Age

Exploring the critical intersection of advanced technology and societal prejudices, AI Bias reshapes our understanding…

11 Min Read

Feminist Artificial Intelligence: A New Era

In the realm of Feminist Artificial Intelligence, a dynamic fusion of technology and gender studies…

10 Min Read

AI Bots & Truth: Navigating Democracy’s Digital Challenge

Our democracies, built on the bedrock of informed choice and trust, are at a pivotal…

11 Min Read

War on Animals: Crafting a Law of Peace for All Beings

Advancing towards a future of peaceful coexistence with animals demands innovative legal, educational, and societal strategies.

Saskia Stucki By Saskia Stucki 18 Min Read

War on Animals: Crafting a Law of Peace for All Beings

Advancing a legal framework that merges animal welfare with humanitarian principles promises a future of peace and rights for all animals.

18 Min Read

Human Rights and the Right to a Healthy Environment

The fight for an autonomous right to a healthy environment is reshaping the landscape of human rights and posing critical questions for international treaty bodies.

12 Min Read

Voter Backlash and Animal Rights: A Political Conundrum

At the crossroads of political advocacy and societal values, the dialogue on animal rights and environmental sustainability emerges as a catalyst for redefining voter engagement and challenging traditional political paradigms.

11 Min Read

Empowered Aussie Youth: Pioneering Climate Justice

Australian youth are at the forefront of climate advocacy, driving change through influential organizations and championing a sustainable future for all.

6 Min Read

Crimes in the Name of Profit: Unveiling Activists’ Struggles

To address this crisis effectively, it is imperative that nations, organizations, and individuals alike come together in a spirit of solidarity and shared responsibility.

15 Min Read

Climate Law: Judiciary’s Role in a Democratic Theatre

Courts are increasingly pivotal in shaping climate law, balancing judicial intervention with democratic integrity to address the urgent environmental crisis.

11 Min Read

Revisiting Plato: A Modern Take on Interspecies Dialogues

By learning from Plato and engaging with modern thinkers like Rancière and Latour, we can move towards a future that values and protects the intricate web of life in which…

19 Min Read

Digital activism: A New Frontier for Human Rights

Digital activism has become a powerful tool for mobilizing collective action. The Fridays For Future (FFF) movement, led predominantly by young activists, has been at the forefront of this digital…

12 Min Read