Alain-G. Gagnon 2 Articles
President of the Royal Society of Canada, Canadian Research Chair in Quebec and Canadian Studies, Director of the Center for Political Analysis: Constitution and Federalism, and Full Professor at the Department of Political Science, UQAM, Montreal.
Amir Mojtahedi 1 Article
Researcher in Security and Diplomacy Studies at Shiraz University
Doan Dani 3 Articles
PhD in History from the Université de Turin, with a specialization in the intersection of religion and politics, and expertise in Albanian historiography.
Hillary Kaell 1 Article
Associate Professor of Anthropology and Religion at McGill University, Canada, holding the William Dawson Chair. She edited 'Everyday Sacred: Religion in Contemporary Quebec' (2017) and authored 'Christian Globalism at Home: Child Sponsorship in the United States' (2020), which won the 2021 Schaff Prize. She also leads TERA (Technology, Ecology, Religion, Art), a collective of scholars and artists.
Julia Itel 1 Article
PhD Candidate in Religious Studies at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, specializing in ecospirituality.
Karel J. Leyva 35 Articles
Ph.D. in Philosophy (Université Paris Sciences et Lettres). Associate Researcher at the University of Montreal, specializing in political theory and pluralism. Editor of Politics and Rights Review.
Lauren Strumos 1 Article
PhD Candidate in Religious Studies at the University of Otawa, Canada, specializing in Nonreligion.
Associate Professor of Comparative Politics at the Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo. His research interests include comparative political economy, autocratic politics, democratization, and Central Asia. His first book, The Dictator’s Dilemma at the Ballot Box (University of Michigan Press, 2022) received several academic awards. He earned a Ph.D. in Political Science at Michigan State University.
Massimo Palma 1 Article
Professor of Political Philosophy at Suor Orsola Benincasa University in Naples, Italy, specializing in 20th-century German philosophy and literature.
Mathieu Colin 2 Articles
Postdoctoral researcher at the UNESCO-PREV Chair, University of Sherbrooke, specializing in the study of radical ideologies.
Mattia Bottino 1 Article
PhD Candidate in Public Governance and Policy at the University of Bologna. Junior Researcher at Eurac Research, Bolzano/Bozen, specializing in Latin American deliberative democracy.
Full Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Trento, Italy, specializing in political theology and the works of Carl Schmitt. Former President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.
Sophie Toupin 1 Article
Sophie Toupin is a professor at Université Laval, specializing in the intersection of communication studies, information technology, and critical international development.
Sparsha Saha 1 Article
Lecturer in the Department of Government at Harvard University, her research focuses on political behavior, employing experiments to explore voter reactions to political emphasis on meat consumption, animal rights, and similar subjects. Recognized as Harvard’s South Asian Woman of the Year in 2022, her work contributes to understanding the nuanced interplay between political advocacy and public response.
Tiziana Faitini 1 Article
Assistant Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Trento, Italy, her latest book, 'Shaping the Profession: Towards a Genealogy of Professional Ethics,' explores the concept of work and the evolving role of professionals.
International Relations student specializing in Latin America at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences (Germany). Junior Consultant for the public sector in Development Cooperation.