Saskia Stucki

Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (Heidelberg). She was a visiting scholar at the Harvard Animal Law & Policy Program and the coordinator of the doctoral program Law and Animals at the University of Basel. She serves on the advisory board of the Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law and the editorial board of the Journal of Animal Law, Ethics and One Health. Her research focuses on animal law, animal rights, human rights, legal theory, environmental law, climate mainstreaming, and good food governance.
5 Articles

One Rights: Integrating Human and Animal Rights

The One Rights paradigm offers a transformative approach to justice, emphasizing the indivisibility and interdependence of human and animal rights.

16 Min Read

Ethical and Practical Arguments for Animal Rights

By adopting a framework that encompasses both human and animal rights, we can create a more comprehensive and effective system…

14 Min Read

Transspecies Rights: Expanding Moral Horizons

The shift towards recognizing transspecies rights challenges us to extend ethical considerations to all sentient beings.

10 Min Read

Nonhuman Rights: A Modern Ethical Frontier

The emerging discourse on nonhuman rights marks a critical evolution in the landscape of modern justice.

13 Min Read

War on Animals: Crafting a Law of Peace for All Beings

Advancing a legal framework that merges animal welfare with humanitarian principles promises a future of peace and rights for all…

18 Min Read