Zoe von Blücher López

International Relations student specializing in Latin America at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences (Germany). Junior Consultant for the public sector in Development Cooperation.
3 Articles

Violence and Democratic Erosion: The Future of Mexico

Mexico’s future will largely depend on the new government’s ability to balance power and ensure that reforms are carried out…

8 Min Read

Valieva’s Saga: Triumphs, Doping & Russian Nationalist Icon

The saga of Kamila Valieva underscores the intricate interplay between sports, politics, and nationalism, serving as a vivid illustration within…

12 Min Read

The Dangerous Reelection of the ‘Coolest Dictator’

Facing a choice between safety and human rights, El Salvador opts for an anti-establishment leader who reduces crime but compromises…

11 Min Read