Masaya Kobayashi

Dean of the Graduate School of Social Sciences and professor of Political Philosophy, Public Philosophy, and Comparative Politics at Chiba University, Japan. He serves as Director of the Japanese Positive Health Psychology Society and head of the Research Center on Public Affairs. Previously a research fellow at the University of Tokyo and a visiting scholar and Bye-Fellow at Cambridge University, his expertise spans political philosophy, positive psychology, public policy, and comparative thought.
3 Articles

Qualified Democracies: Everlasting Multi-Dimensional Innovation

Democracy's future hinges on embracing a multi-dimensional, dialectical approach that is both procedural and ethical, participatory and reflective.

16 Min Read

Health Inequality in Japan: COVID-19 and Fairness

By enhancing fairness and justice in socio-economic policies, Japan can significantly improve the overall health of its citizens and pave…

11 Min Read

Citizenship, Justice, Well-Being: Japan’s Insight

Grounded in communitarian philosophy, the interrelation of citizenship, justice, and well-being significantly enhances social cohesion and individual well-being in Japan.

13 Min Read