Karel J. Leyva

Ph.D. in Philosophy (Université Paris Sciences et Lettres). Associate Researcher at the University of Montreal, specializing in political theory and pluralism. Editor of Politics and Rights Review.
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Global Democracy Theories: Reshaping Political Authority

Global democracy theories critically examine the collective mechanisms shaping political authority. These theories, pivotal in political science, assess not only

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Totalitarian Cuban Regime: 65 Years of Repression

Beneath the revolutionary facade, the totalitarian Cuban regime has systematically curtailed freedoms, silenced opposition, and left a lasting impact on

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The Hidden Fragility of Authoritarian Regimes

Unpacking the complexities of authoritarian regimes reveals inherent vulnerabilities, shaped by both internal power dynamics and external influences, that challenge

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Polarization in the Digital Age: Democracy at a Crossroads

As digital platforms and political leaders amplify divisions, the erosion of democratic institutions and social trust reveals a global challenge

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Cuban Mercenaries in Ukraine: A Hidden Ethical Quagmire

In the Ukraine war's ethical maze, a hidden crisis emerges: Cuban mercenaries fighting for Russia. This raises urgent ethical and

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Right-Wing Momentum: Canada’s New Challenge

Canada grapples with a rising tide of right-wing extremism, anchored in divisive nationalism and a deep mistrust of the state,

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Forced exile in Cuba: Relentless War on Free Expression

In the shadow of its famed revolution, Cuba has waged a silent yet relentless war on free expression, using forced

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From Healers to Slaves: The Cuban Regime’s Exploitation of Doctors

Modern slavery in Cuba and the human rights violations that characterize its daily practices at all levels demand the world's

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Nativism’s Threat: The Politics of Us vs. Them

In “The Return of the Native: Can Liberalism Safeguard Us Against Nativism?”, Jan Willem Duyvendak and Josip Kesic stand out

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Unpacking ‘Hate’: The New Face of Far-Right

“Hate in the Homeland” is a seminal work that offers a new lens through which to view the rise of

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Totalitarian Cuba in the UNHRC: A Mockery of Human Rights?

The Cuban government remains a systematic human rights violator, and there is abundant evidence to demonstrate its pattern of repression.

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Quebec’s Law 21: Muslim Women in the Balance

Bill 21, officially known as the “Law on the Secularity of the State,” was enacted in June 2019 in the

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Fukuyama on Politics, Rights, and Recognition

In his work "Identity: The Demand for Dignity and the Politics of Resentment," Francis Fukuyama navigates the intricate maze of

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Why Nationalism: Politics, Rights, and Identity

Yael Tamir's “Why Nationalism” presents an exploration into the intricate relationship between nationalism and liberalism. The book delves deeply into

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