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Transspecies Rights: Expanding Moral Horizons

The shift towards recognizing transspecies rights challenges us to extend ethical considerations…

By Saskia Stucki 10 Min Read

Rethinking Treason: Ethical Disclosure in Modern Times

The traditional view of treason, marked by stringent moral and legal sanctions,…

By Cécile Fabre 5 Min Read

Digital Dilemmas: Ethical AI in a Globalized World

The deployment of Artificial Intelligence in addressing global challenges marks a defining…

By Guglielmo Tamburrini 8 Min Read

AI Bias: Navigating Ethics and Policy in Digital Age

Exploring the critical intersection of advanced technology and societal prejudices, AI Bias…

By P&RR 11 Min Read

Redefining Professionalism: A Historical and Sociopolitical Exploration

Faitini's book Shaping the Profession unveils the rich history and multidimensional moral,…

Exploring Speech Boundaries: A Modern Quest

In a world where words wield power, understanding the boundaries of speech…

By P&RR 14 Min Read

AI Governance: Ethical & Democratic Imperatives

AI's rapid development sparks urgent ethical and democratic debates across diverse sectors.

By P&RR 13 Min Read

AI in Politics: Navigating the Ethical Minefield

In the realm of AI in politics, citizens' views and democratic ideals…

By P&RR 9 Min Read

AI in Political Advertising: Innovative Strategies

While AI offers groundbreaking possibilities for political advertising, it also introduces a…

By P&RR 7 Min Read

Unveiling Nonreligion: The Case of Ethical Veganism

In a landmark legal verdict, ethical veganism gains recognition as a philosophical…

By Lauren Strumos 8 Min Read

From Play to Politics: Gaming’s Uncharted Social Realms

Video games, as with all media, reflect and shape our society. Recognizing…

By P&RR 8 Min Read

Contemporary Challenges in Academic Freedom

Navigating the complex landscape of academic freedom has never been more challenging.…

By P&RR 12 Min Read